In Matthew 6, Christ gives us instruction on how to pray.  We are not to pray to be seen of men, but in secret and he will reward us openly.  We are to remove the distractions of the world during our time of prayer, focusing on God, His kingdom and will.  Elder Chris gives examples…(Read More)

All of God’s children will come unto Christ through regeneration.  But in Matthew 11 it speaks of an invitation to those already alive.  It’s an invitation to come unto Jesus and he will give us rest in this life.  And when Christ says take his yoke Upon you, it lets us know there…(Read More)

Elder Chris concludes his series on Jonah.  God saw the works of Nineveh, that they had repented, and He did not punish the city.  This angered Jonah because he did not agree.  Elder Chris encourages the church to use wisdom and discernment when judging, being forgiving and ready for repentance and restoration of others.  This…(Read More)