Latest Sermons

Elder Chris Crouse – Weeping

Elder Chris expands on his last sermon by looking at The Apostle Peter’s weeping when he thought on his promise to support the Lord even into prison. When he did not live up to that promise and realized it, he … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Seek My Face

Elder Chris continues to look at the answer of Solomon’s prayer found in 2 Chronicles 7:17. God answers his prayer that he would hear them and heal their land with conditions, not regarding eternal salvation, but while in this life … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Humility

In 2 Chronicles, we find words God spake to Solomon. That if the nation would humble themselves, turn to Him and pray, He would heal their land. King Solomon had asked God not for wealth, power, or lack of enemies, … Read More

Elder James Allen – Understanding Trials

Elder James delivers a wonderful sermon concerning trials that come in our lives. Some trials can be in response to our disobedience as well as times when there hasn’t been. Elder James beautifully illustrates that just as a silversmith refines … Read More