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Saturday morning was blessed with sermons from Elders Ronald Lawrence, David Montgomery and James Isaacs.  Sermons are included below: Elder Ronald Lawrence – Cornelius Elder David Montgomery – Behold, What Manner Of Love Elder James Isaacs – Will All Those For Whom Jesus Died Be With Him In Heaven When Time Is Ended…(Read More)

2017 FFM – Friday Morning

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We were blessed Friday morning with sermons from Elders JC Stanaland, Jonathan Cook, and Philip Conley.  Sermons are below: Elder JC Stanaland – Our Relationship With The Church Elder Jonathan Cook – Destination Of The Soul Elder Philip Conley – Galatians 2:20-21…(Read More)

Elder Chris preaches from Acts 2:41 where 3000 souls were added to the church.  He backs up to the beginning of Acts 2 to recall the early church, a small body, who were of one accord, in one place, with preaching effective for all the ages and backgrounds.  The Holy Ghost came to be…(Read More)

Elder Win Kuck – Our Walk

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Elder Win preaches a short sermon on our walk and how important it is.  He examines Steven’s walk found in Acts.  His example shows how we should conduct our lives.  While facing false witnesses and lies, Steven handled the situation well.  His face was as an angel.  Elder Win proclaims that in the face…(Read More)