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Elder David turns to Exodus 12 where we read of the passover.  The Lord would pass through the land to smite the firstborn of each family, but if there were blood on the door, He would pass over that household.  And Elder David asks “what is central to the passover?”  It’s the lamb.  God…(Read More)

Once you see or hear something, you can’t undo it.  Elder Ben preaches that decisions we make can have significant consequences down the road.  Man, made in God’s own image, is a rational being with ability to choose in this world.  But he rightly divides the truth in that man cannot will himself…(Read More)

The word almighty is used all throughout the Bible and is very important in its description of God.  Elder Ronald draws our attention to several instances where God’s work was almighty.  He did great things for Abraham at the age of 99, allowing Sarah to have Isaac in her old age and making many…(Read More)

Elder David preaches on the passover and on the “token, memorial, and ordinance” of the communion service.  He begins in Exodus 12 where the Lord slew the firstborn children of Egypt and the Jewish passover supper took place. Exodus 12:11:  “And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your…(Read More)