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Elder Philip turns to Psalm 22 where David provides an insightful prophecy of what Jesus was thinking and the afflictions He endured on the cross.  And at the end he says “A seed shall serve him.”  Elder Philip explains that this seed is the church of God, and there will always be a people to…(Read More)

Elder Jonathan delivers a sermon on preaching to the lost sheep.  He clarifies that you cannot take a goat and turn it into a sheep and when something is lost it must have been in possession at one point.  He explains the characteristics of sheep and that they are dependent on a shepherd for their…(Read More)

Elder James preaches on Psalm 145 where David “brags” on the Lord.  Often times we find ourselves asking what God can do for us, but perhaps we should be asking what can we do for our God.  He reminds us that we should come to church with a servant’s heart since everything we have…(Read More)

Elder Chris preaches on the God of gods, meaning the supreme God.  David makes it clear there is only one God, and there is none else.  Elder Chris reminds us that these false gods are useless and there is overwhelming evidence of the Godhead all around us.  He is the God and shield of his…(Read More)

Elder Chris continues his series on the attributes of God and centers this sermon on the God of my salvation.  He reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of God and He is the author of eternal salvation, which we are passive in that.  Salvation belongs to the Lord and it is…(Read More)

Elder Adam preaches from the 23rd Psalm and draws our attention to some of the many names found to describe our Lord.  He is our shepherd.  He is our peace.  He is a Lord that heals.  The cross is an answer to bitterness as well as a healer of physical sickness.  The Lord is there…(Read More)