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Elder Adam preaches from the 23rd Psalm and draws our attention to some of the many names found to describe our Lord.  He is our shepherd.  He is our peace.  He is a Lord that heals.  The cross is an answer to bitterness as well as a healer of physical sickness.  The Lord is there…(Read More)

Elder Chris begins with Psalm 137 where we find the beginning experiences of captivity of the children of Israel.  He explains their backstory:  how they came into Babylon, the wicked kings that ruled during that time, and how they came into captivity.  After they were asked to remember/sing the old songs of Zion they…(Read More)

Elder Chris begins by reading Psalm 144.  David thanks God and asks Him to bless them in war.  He then sings a song of praise, a song of glory.  In verse 12, David, speaking of the future of his nation, desired that those who are older would teach and instruct those that are younger.  He…(Read More)

Elder David preaches a very moving sermon on the sorrows of life, and moreover, the joys that come afterward.  The religious world might have you believe that if you do good all the time, you won’t have tears, good things will always happen.  But how to deal with sorrow biblically is to expect sorrow…(Read More)