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Little Union was blessed to witness the baptism of Sister Heather Cunningham and Brother Luke Sumner this Saturday during our November Meeting. ¬†Here are the videos: Heather Cunningham [evp_embed_video url=””] Luke Sumner [evp_embed_video url=”…(Read More)

Elder Randall Cagle cautions of times he has experienced in his lifetime when an influential leader in the church dies, the congregation begins to scatter.  Considering that God has made such amazing plans for us, we should strive to pass the torch of the truth.  Elder Randall desires to return to Little Union…(Read More)

Elder Ronald preaches on the phrase “one thing” in the scriptures.  He provides many examples and expands on the lesson in each of these accounts, offering a wealth of wisdom for our daily lives.  But he closes leaving us with “One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after…(Read More)