Elder Chris examines a number of questions that God asks in the Bible.  Mankind poses questions to God due to things like indecision or complaining.  But God asks things like “where art thou” to Adam and “where were you during the creation” to Job.  Elder Chris explains that God’s questions are consequential and cut…(Read More)

After covering the whole armor of God, the Apostle Paul closes the Ephesian epistle and asks for prayers for himself, that he can speak boldly as Christ’s representative or ambassador.  Even though he was an ambassador of the highest authority, he was in a prison.  But at the same time the gospel was spreading…(Read More)

Elder James Allen looks at two verses that seem similar, but are very different.  He explains that when God calls to save us we respond without any decision on our part.  But once we are saved, we should come unto Jesus to find rest while traveling through this world. Download Audio File or listen…(Read More)

Elder Chris turns to Hebrews and compares a couple of verses pertaining to perfection through sufferings.  Christ was made a little lower than the angels, became one of us, to experience the suffering of death.  Elder Chris explains that when Christ became our sins, he was made complete or suitable for our salvation. Download Audio…(Read More)