Elder Mark turns to Genesis where we find the commandment not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  The serpent deceived Eve by using the partial truth that their eyes would be opened, but gave a lie that God was holding something back from them and they would be as…(Read More)

Elder Mark begins the 2017 July Meeting with a question.  Have you ever been focused on so many things that you forget about the one thing that is most important?  He reminds us that of all the promises God has made, he has not failed in one thing.  David, instead of focusing on the many…(Read More)

Elder Chris preaches on right thinking in Christian discipleship found in Romans Chapter 12.  It is important to the church and to the Lord that we have the right mindset in our walk here on Earth.  It starts with not thinking highly of ourselves.  The Apostle Paul explains that we are to think soberly according…(Read More)

2017 July Meeting

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Lord willing, Little Union will be hosting our Annual July Meeting, beginning on Thursday, July 6th, continuing through Sunday, July 9th.  We have invited Elder Mark Quarles to be with us during this meeting.  We invite you to attend and worship together with us. We crave the fellowship of like-minded believers, and hope you…(Read More)