Elder Chris Crouse – Psalm 110

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Psalm 110 was an intriguing Psalm written by David.  He writes of Jesus being both a king and a priest, after the order of Melchizedek, the only other in the Bible with this distinction.  But Jesus’s reign and priesthood is everlasting.  Jesus uses this Psalm in Matthew as proof that he was a descendant…(Read More)

Elder James examines Ephesians 1:3-6.  Here we don’t find what’s in it for us, but God’s eternal purpose for His people.  He explains that we are able to bless God through honoring and praising Him, and He favors us with spiritual benefits.  Elder James preaches that none of us are…(Read More)

Elder Chris explains in Romans 15 that when we please the brethren in the faith, bear them up and edify them, we please Christ.  Christ was the ultimate example of bearing up others, pleasing not himself, taking on all our sins, and it pleased the Father.  When we put others before ourselves, we have the…(Read More)