Elder Chris Crouse – The Walls

Joshua and the children of Israel were faithful and prayed that God would bring down the walls of Jericho. God was faithful to deliver. Elder Chris points out that there are walls in homes, marriages and churches. We need to … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Made Straight

In Luke 13 we find an account only recorded by Luke of a woman we know very little about. She was bowed over and could not lift herself up for eighteen years. When Christ healed her she did not complain … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – 2 Corinthians 6

Elder Chris looks at 2 Corinthians Chapter 6 where the Apostle Paul addresses the church at Corinth to remind them that they had gone through the indignities of wicked men, afflictions, beaten, imprisoned, having endangered lives. Through all this they … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Take Heed

The Apostle Peter wanted to stir the minds of followers as he was leaving this world. His mind was focused on the mount of transfiguration where he saw a preview of Christ glorified at the second coming. But there was … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Unrest To Peace

Elder Chris continues his series in Acts and looks at Acts 16 where we read about Lydia and the Philippian jailor. Philippi did not have enough men to build a synagog but the women could gather to pray. We find … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Acts 10

In Acts 10, Cornelius, who prayed to the Lord always, received a vision from the Lord and called for Peter. Peter understood that God was no respecter of persons in that he was being asked to go preach to a … Read More