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Elder Philip turns to Psalm 22 where David provides an insightful prophecy of what Jesus was thinking and the afflictions He endured on the cross.  And at the end he says “A seed shall serve him.”  Elder Philip explains that this seed is the church of God, and there will always be a people to…(Read More)

Elder Philip turns to 2 Corinthians where the Apostle Paul talks about our light afflictions in order to see God’s glory.  These comments are due to Paul’s perspective.  Our perspective at the time (how we’re living, what trials we have been through, etc) brings things into better view like a magnifying glass…(Read More)

Elder David turns to the last words of the prophet Ezekiel where there was a promise of a great city, a new Jerusalem, that has the Hebrew name Jehovah-shammah, or “The Lord is there.”  It is measured perfectly for the elect of God.  The Apostle John wrote of this holy city coming down from…(Read More)

Elder David turns to Exodus 12 where we read of the passover.  The Lord would pass through the land to smite the firstborn of each family, but if there were blood on the door, He would pass over that household.  And Elder David asks “what is central to the passover?”  It’s the lamb.  God…(Read More)

2016 November Meeting

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Little Union will be hosting our 2016 November Meeting Nov. 10th – 13th.  We have invited Elders Philip Conley and David Crawford to be with us.  We invite all to attend this joyous time of worship and fellowship.  Meeting times are as follows: Thursday 11/10 – 7pm Service Friday 11/11 – 5:45pm Fish Fry, 7pm…(Read More)