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There was a period in the garden where Adam and God talked freely together, a good fellowship between man and God.  But through the fall of Adam’s disobedience we were separated from God.  The Apostle Paul writes of the reconciliation where we are brought back together thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…(Read More)

Just as children are to submit to their parents and wives to their husbands, servants are to submit to their masters.  But there is a responsibility for masters to treat their servants with care.  The Apostle Paul explains that if the master and servant are both children of God, they receive the same inheritance in…(Read More)

Elder Chris preaches on seeing Jesus through the doctrine of the Bible.  He looks at the Old Testament and points out many places where Christ can be seen long before his arrival.  When we get to Heaven, our own eyes will see Him in all his glory, but until then we have the Word of…(Read More)

The Apostle Paul gives exhortation of how God’s children should conduct themselves.  He directs us to be followers of God as dear children.  Children try to exhibit the behavior of those they follow.  Since God forgave us, we are to forgive each other and he gives us many other sound characteristics to imitate during…(Read More)

Elder Chris asks the question “Who is the greatest?”  When Christ was hanging upon the cross dying, he was mindful of others and we are to follow his ultimate example.  As we go into 2018, Elder Chris encourages us to think of ourselves less and others more.  He proclaims that Christ is the greatest in…(Read More)