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Elder Chris begins a series on the book of Jonah, a book often used to try to disprove the Bible.  But Elder Chris proclaims that God used Jonah as a an example of Christ’s death, burial and time in the tomb.  And he teaches us that we should be obedient to God. Download Audio…(Read More)

Elder Chris turns to John 11 where we find that Jesus wept.  Elder Chris looks at several places where Jesus taught us how to mourn, knowing that those separated by death will be with us again.  He proclaims that God has prepared a banqueting house where we will all be together, and the banner over…(Read More)

Elder Chris looks at Isaiah 40 where it gives us encouragement during difficult times.  He examines why Isaiah was writing these words.  The nation of Israel had been given everything they needed by God, but because of their disobedience for 490 years, they would spend 70 years outside of their homeland.  So chapters 1 through…(Read More)

Elder Chris looks at the book of Colossians where they were mixing Eastern mysticism and Christianity. They were believing in reincarnation and in an impersonal God that cannot be seen or touched.  Elder Chris gives thanks to God that this is not true.  He proclaims that we have a God, who sent His son to…(Read More)