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Saturday morning was blessed with sermons from Elders Ronald Lawrence, David Montgomery and James Isaacs.  Sermons are included below: Elder Ronald Lawrence – Cornelius Elder David Montgomery – Behold, What Manner Of Love Elder James Isaacs – Will All Those For Whom Jesus Died Be With Him In Heaven When Time Is Ended…(Read More)

The 50th Florida Fellowship Meeting began tonight in a powerful way with sermons by Elder Danny Parker and Elder David Montgomery.  Sermons are included for download. Elder Danny Parker – Romans 5:6-11 Elder David Montgomery – A Crown Of Righteousness…(Read More)

Elder David preaches on the passover and on the “token, memorial, and ordinance” of the communion service.  He begins in Exodus 12 where the Lord slew the firstborn children of Egypt and the Jewish passover supper took place. Exodus 12:11:  “And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your…(Read More)