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2017 FFM – Friday Morning

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We were blessed Friday morning with sermons from Elders JC Stanaland, Jonathan Cook, and Philip Conley.  Sermons are below: Elder JC Stanaland – Our Relationship With The Church Elder Jonathan Cook – Destination Of The Soul Elder Philip Conley – Galatians 2:20-21…(Read More)

Elder Jonathan considers what it will be like when we get to Heaven.  He begins in Job where we find that we will see God with our own eyes in our own flesh.  And in Heaven, we will be eternally satisfied in His likeness, not married to each other, but to Jesus Christ.  There will…(Read More)

Elder Jonathan looks at the idea of evolution that is taught in many schools and colleges today.  Evolution theory continues to change but the Bible never changes.  Elder Jonathan makes the case for creation.  He looks at the catastrophic event of the flood.  He explains where the water came from and where it went.  The…(Read More)

Elder Jonathan delivers a sermon on preaching to the lost sheep.  He clarifies that you cannot take a goat and turn it into a sheep and when something is lost it must have been in possession at one point.  He explains the characteristics of sheep and that they are dependent on a shepherd for their…(Read More)