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Brother Ray turns to 1 Corinthians 1:17-18 where the Apostle Paul writes of how the preaching of the gospel turns our attention to God.  And to the world it is foolishness but to God’s people, it is the power of God.  Brother Ray reminds us that the power of God gives us…(Read More)

Brother Ray turns to John 5 where a man came to a pool of water to be healed and never could get to the water in time for the blessing.  But Jesus comes along and cures him immediately.  Then Jesus states that He will accomplish greater works than these.  Brother Ray examines several miracles where…(Read More)

After a wonderful baptism brother Ray turns our attention to several reasons to follow Christ.  In John he points out where the masses followed Him because of the miracles He performed.  And then after they were given the loaves and ate, they desired more.  Brother Ray explains that the children of God believe on Christ…(Read More)