Elder Chris Crouse – The Holy Spirit

In the Old Testament we find God the Father taking center stage. In the gospels, Jesus Christ is front and center. But starting in Acts we see the Holy Spirit being made manifest. The Apostle Peter denied Christ in fear … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Deacons

The word deacon is found for the first time in the New Testament in Philippians where the Apostle Paul addresses the church, bishop and deacons. Elder Chris explains the role of the deacon. While the pastor’s role is primarily serving … Read More

Elder Adam Green – The Gift of Tongues

Elder Adam preaches on the gift of tongues and how charismatic dominations believe this is a key piece of the New Testament church. But Elder Adam explains what the gift of tongues is of two things: divers types of tongues … Read More

Elder James Allen – The Early Church

Elder James looks at the early church in Acts, with 120 members, where the church was of one mind. He points out how the Holy Spirit moved and the miracles of that time. Elder James’s fervent prayer is for the … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Ascension of Christ

Elder Chris preaches on six aspects of the Ascension of Jesus, glorification, coronation, consolation, intercession, jubilation and anticipation. In the ascension of Jesus we see Him glorified, established on His throne as King, sending the Comforter, interceding for us, giving … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Unrest To Peace

Elder Chris continues his series in Acts and looks at Acts 16 where we read about Lydia and the Philippian jailor. Philippi did not have enough men to build a synagog but the women could gather to pray. We find … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Acts 10

In Acts 10, Cornelius, who prayed to the Lord always, received a vision from the Lord and called for Peter. Peter understood that God was no respecter of persons in that he was being asked to go preach to a … Read More

2017 FFM – Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon services were with Elders Jon Mizell and Mike Ivey.  Sermons are below: Elder Jon Mizell – Acts 16 Elder Mike Ivey – How Did We Get In This Situation?

2017 FFM – Saturday Morning

Saturday morning was blessed with sermons from Elders Ronald Lawrence, David Montgomery and James Isaacs.  Sermons are included below: Elder Ronald Lawrence – Cornelius Elder David Montgomery – Behold, What Manner Of Love Elder James Isaacs – Will All Those … Read More

2017 FFM – Friday Evening

Friday evening services with Elders Mike Montgomery and James Isaacs: Elder Mike Montgomery – The Real Lord’s Prayer Elder James Isaacs – Acts 22:16

2017 FFM – Friday Morning

We were blessed Friday morning with sermons from Elders JC Stanaland, Jonathan Cook, and Philip Conley.  Sermons are below: Elder JC Stanaland – Our Relationship With The Church Elder Jonathan Cook – Destination Of The Soul Elder Philip Conley – … Read More