Elder Adam Green – The Gift of Tongues

Elder Adam preaches on the gift of tongues and how charismatic dominations believe this is a key piece of the New Testament church. But Elder Adam explains what the gift of tongues is of two things: divers types of tongues … Read More

Elder Ronald Lawrence – Jeremiah

Jeremiah tried to reach the hearts of the people of that day. Elder Ronald examines several aspects of the book of Jeremiah. It shows the word of God is inspired and preserved, the sovereignty of God illustrated as the potter … Read More

Elder Adam Green – The Prodigal Son

In Luke 15, we find the Pharisees and scribes complaining about Christ receiving and eating with sinners. He teaches and rebukes them through three parables and Elder Adam examines the prodigal son. The older brother was angry that his younger … Read More

Elder Ed Kirkpatrick – The Flood

Elder Ed looks at one of the most important events outside of the crucifixion of Christ, the flood in the days of Noah. He considers how the Earth was a different place before the flood, full of violence and giants. … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – What Children Are

Solomon writes that children are a heritage and a reward. Elder Chris points out that a heritage, or a good name, is incredibly important; and an inheritance of family possessions are priceless since they bring great memories. We must take … Read More