Elder Chris Crouse – The Lord Remembers Me

Elder Chris gives several examples of the Lord remembering His children and explains that because He remembers His covenant, He remembers us.  However, He doesn’t just remember His people, but He remembers His promises.  Elder Chris encourages us to remember … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Articles of Faith (Part 6)

Elder Chris continues his sermons on the articles of faith with the sixth article:  “We believe that the Holy Spirit effectually calls, regenerates, and sanctifies all the elect of God.”  Elder Chris explains that regeneration is entirely of God and … Read More

Elder David Crawford – A New Start

Elder Crawford preaches from the 51st Psalm where David needed a new start.  He encourages us to leave yesterday in the past and press forward with a new start each and every day.  In Psalms 51:7 David writes “Purge me … Read More