Elder Chris Crouse – Deacons

The word deacon is found for the first time in the New Testament in Philippians where the Apostle Paul addresses the church, bishop and deacons. Elder Chris explains the role of the deacon. While the pastor’s role is primarily serving … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Altars

Elder Chris preaches on altars made for many other gods. In present day he points out the things we worship before unknown gods. But our altar is the Lord Jesus Christ himself. He encourages us to sacrifice our time, our … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Never and Always

Elder Chris warns of the use of never and always. The wicked says because I’ll never be in adversary, I shall not be moved, but Nebuchadnezzar saw adversary. And David in his prosperity faced hardships. Elder Chris encourages us to … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Contentment

Elder Chris turns to Hebrews and considers the subject of contentment towards the end of the letter. The Apostle Paul instructed that he could be content through God that strengthened him. We can be content with God’s provisions because he … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – It Is Well

Elder Chris pauses his series on the Miracles of Christ and looks at a miracle of a woman who dwelt in a great “Shunem” or quiet place and blesses Elisha in his journey. Later when her son died she went … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – Cleansing Leprosy

Elder Chris turns to Mark where we find a leper seeking the Lord Jesus Christ for healing. He looks at the miracle of cleansing this leper, the law of detecting leprosy, and the day of being cleansed. Download Audio File

Elder Chris Crouse – Eight

Elder Chris considers the number eight in the word of God. The ark was designed to hold eight people and Noah was also the eighth person after Adam. The ark brought about a new beginning and he considers other new … Read More

Elder Chris Crouse – John 5:2

Elder Chris looks at John 5 verse 2 “Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.” Bethesda means the house of mercy or kindness. Elder Chris … Read More