McNeil Honea – The Kingdom of Heaven

In Matthew, Christ instructs his disciples that they were to preach that the kingdom of Heaven was at hand. But it was not enough to teach them in their ministry, but also the dangers associated with serving him. In the … Read More

McNeil Honea – The Tower of Babel

Brother McNeil examines the Tower of Babel that began construction shortly after the flood. The ark that each of us are moved to construct can be deliverance in a temporal sense. But with the Tower of Babel, man conspired against … Read More

McNeil Honea – Taking Up Our Cross

Brother McNeil opens the 2022 New Year’s Eve service by looking at the yoke that we are all required to bear as disciples of Christ. The literal yoke is heavy, unpleasant, leads to suffering, and Brother McNeil points out that … Read More

McNeil Honea – Nicodemus

Brother McNeil establishes that the Lord is sovereign in salvation, not of works of men. This helps gives clarity to John 3 where we read of Nicodemus complimenting Christ and saying he knew he was a teacher of God due … Read More